Roving Frame JSR 668


With the decision of Board of Director, Saurer (Changzhou) built up Roving Department with assembly line, quality control system according to Zinser standards.All the key staffs were sent to Germany for a 3 months’ training. Thanks to technical support and qualified control from German experts,all products are inspected and qualified for delivery.

JSR 668 roving frame has leading technology, excellent performance,modern shape and with low operation cost. JSR 668 roving frame will bring the success road to customers!  

  • Zinser technology from Germany & maturity model
  • Innovative structure design
  • Leading driving system
  • Intellectualized operation control system
  • The world-class textile components
  • High quality, high production and high efficency
  • Simple maintenance, low operation costs
  • Up to 192 spindles




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